OPRS is a family owned and operated business combining multiple years of experience within  O & P businesses as well as billing experience from the payor perspective.

Our goal is to provide only Orthotic and Prosthetic companies quality service they deserve.  With the combination of billing and collection experience, we can create a even cash flow.

OPRS uses HIPAA compliant O & P software which is provided to you our client.  All you need to to start your using our software is internet access.  

When using electronic claims processing, you receive payment within 15-20 days.

For years, billing companies have existed to manage medical billing needs.  These services relieve medical professionals of tedious detail work. but rarely do they offer a means to substantially maximize the practice's bottom line.  OPRS will free your office staff for more crucial tasks, such as,  insurance verification and pre-authorizations, which are essential to the collection process.

National Statistics show 70 percent of insurance claims, initially submitted on paper are ever paid by insurance carriers.  With electronic submission, OPRS can increase the percentage of claims paid to around 98 percent.  Additional statistics indicate that it cost an O & P practice between $8.00-$10.00 per claim to process insurance for their patients (that does not include collection efforts).  OPRS can reduce this cost by 50 percent or more.   Statistics also show turnaround payment time with commercial paper claims to be 45, 60, 90 days or even longer, creating serious outstanding receivables for the practice, greatly reducing your cash flow.